This entity is specified by its two or more connected points. If a workplane is active, then the two endpoints will always lie in that workplane.

To create the a polyline:

  1. Choose Sketch ‣ Polyline
  2. Left-click to mark the starting point of the polyline.
  3. Release the mouse button. The endpoint is now being dragged.
  4. To create another line segment, that shares an endpoint with the line segment that was just created, left-click again.
  5. To stop drawing line segments, press Esc or right- or middle-click with the mouse.

SolveSpace will also stop drawing new line segments if an automatic constraint is inserted.

To close a polyline into a polygon:

  • Hovering over the starting point before left-clicking the last time. The endpoint of the polyline will be constrained to lie on the starting point, and since a constraint was inserted, SolveSpace will stop drawing.