Quick Start

The first time SolveSpace runs, you will see an empty workplane.

To draw a line, choose the Sketch ‣ Line Segment (or Circle, or Arc, or …) menu. Then left-click to define the endpoints.

Hit Esc if you want to stop drawing before you’ve formed a closed contour.

Right-drag to pan, center-drag to rotate, and mousewheel to zoom.

To align the view’s rotation back to the workplane, choose View ‣ Align View to Workplane.

To select a line, hover the mouse over the line (it turns yellow), and left-click (it turns red). To dimension the line’s length, choose Constrain ‣ Distance/Diameter.

To move the dimension, drag it. To change the dimension, double-click it, type a number, and hit Enter.

To learn more about SolveSpace, see the ref:tutorials, or the reference manual.